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What are Mockups?
Mockups are a fun design project for people of all ages and artistic abilities.  Like a 3-dimensional canvas, the blank vinyl surface accepts almost anything — from crayon to spray paint to markers. So whether you are learning to draw or mocking-up your next custom shoe design, the only boundary is your imagination.

Re-Use It
The blank vinyl surface accepts almost any medium, so you can use the art supplies you already have.  If you want to put in a little effort, you can remove your design and start over … as many times as you want. What can you create? Learn How with these Tips.

Share It
Explore photos of Mockups created by people of all ages from around the world. You can also share your own creations! Check out how here.

Teach It
We’ve drawn from popular culture and the cross-cultural symbolism of shoes to create engaging and adaptable lesson plans on topics such as identity, history, leadership, visual culture, and art.

Why Mockups?
Mockups were developed by Louie Gong, an artist, activist, and educator who has become one of the nation’s most well-known shoe customizers.  While sharing his knowledge about shoe customization through over 40 workshops, he realized that the experience of shoe customization was out of reach for people that didn’t have a lot of money or didn’t have much art experience.

Mockups are less expensive.
They don’t require expensive specialized art supplies.  You can start with the ones you already have! They also cost less than starting with a pair of real shoes.

Mockups are more forgiving.
You can erase pencil lines, along with several other mediums. Create, re-create, and start over as many times as you want!

Mockups are more versatile.
You can use Mockups as an art project in itself, or for testing out designs for your custom shoe. Without the risk of permanent mistakes!