Walking Dead

posted on July 25, 2012

Mockups founder Louie Gong sliced up a Walking Dead graphic novel to create this pair of killer Mockups. He used a basic collage technique in which paper is soaked until pliable, then glued onto the Mockups surface with a generous slathering of white Elmer’s glue (the glue dries clear).

Louie waited a few hours for the paper to dry, then sprayed it with a glossy clear coat to protect the paper collage while he further modified her Mockups. Using an Exacto Knife, he cut the holes for the paintbrush to pass through. It took some adjustments to get the shoes to fit flush on the surface of a table, but once he had that under control, the only thing left to do was add blood.

The blood is thick-bodied acrylic paint left to dry for a few days. When fully dry, the acrylic has a consistency of rubber so you can pick it up an move it around without ruining the look or shape of your blood pools. BTW – Make sure to put your Mockups on a clean smooth surface that won’t peel or tear when you pull them off. Louie used Reynold’s Wrap sprayed with non-stick spray.

How will you survive when the zombie apocalypse hits?