Get the Big Picture

Here’s a few videos about Mockups. Unlike a lot of products, its pretty easy to see how Mockups developed naturally through the work of Louie Gong, creator of Mockups.  Louie started out as an educator and activist around racial identity before becoming one of the Nation’s best known custom shoe artists.  Through frequent workshops with youth and adults, he understood that personalizing shoes was not only an engaging experience that everyone enjoyed – it was an experience lush with teachable moments and opportunities for personal growth.  So he started asking himself “how do I make it cheaper, less intimidating and more classroom friendly?”  The answer was Mockups.

In the upcoming months, we will be adding more video resources. Some will feature tips about how to work with Mockups. Others will be engaging supplements to the lesson plans.

Introducing Mockups
Learn the basics about why Louie Gong created Mockups and see examples of what you can do with them.
What are Mockups?
Watch student from Portland put the Mockups art toy to use.
Pop Culture Artist: Walking in Two Worlds
Learn a little bit about the background and values of Mockups founder, Louie Gong.
Art and Entrepreneurship
Learn why Louie choose to create art that actually has a function rather than art that gets hung on a wall.
Wolf Pumps
Check out a fun video of one Louie Gong's recent creations.