posted on November 27, 2012

What ideas, if any, was your trying to convey through your Mockups?

When I was creating my mock-ups my mind was occupied with my pregnancy. Having a baby is new experience for me. My baby will be bi-racial, half Navajo and half white. I wanted to create an image that depicted both parents history and background. The father is from pacific northwest; the clouds, rain, and water are expressed in cool/cold colors. I am from the southwest; vibrant colors, open space, and sunshine. When you place the shoes next to each other you have a finished puzzle of both parents, you have a complete image of our baby wrapped in a heart shape ribbon.

What medium(s) and techniques did you use on your Mockups?  Please let us know which mediums worked well and which didn’t work so well. 

I started in oil paint since I am an oil painter. The paint didn’t adhere to the surface like I wanted. I wiped it clean and started over. I used acrylic paint, but did not like the surface quality. When I wiped it off it left a stain of color I liked. I completed my image in acrylic and let it dry and stain for a week then wiped it off. I finished my mock-ups with light and free-flowing line drawing using Sharpie paint pens.

Mock-ups provided a chance to express myself in a new medium other than canvas and work with other materials other than than oil paint and canvas.