Tips for Painting Mockups

There are many kinds of paint, and we’ve tried every one of them. They all work well, and deciding which one to use is a matter of personal style, skill set, and what you can afford.

If you’re just starting your art career, or your style relies on a lot of line work, you might want to try paint pens like Sharpie Paint Pens or Elmer’s Paint Pens. The upside to these tools is that they are easy to use and they don’t make much of a mess. The downside is that they can be pricey, and it’s difficult to get the kind of fading and gradients you can achieve with regular acrylic paints and a brush.

Mockups by Louie Gong

Louie Gong

Mockups founder, Louie Gong, used Sharpie Paint Pens to create this Psycho Killer Whale design (it was only the second Mockup ever completed!). One thing Louie regrets in this early experimentation with Sharpie Paint Pens is laying down a layer of cream colored gloss spray paint, as this caused the paint to “crackle” a little. Next time, he’ll leave the vinyl surface alone or use a “flat” color spay paint.

Acrylics are possibly the first thing people think of when it comes to art, and acrylic paints are probably what you have in your art drawer. That’s a good thing — because they work really well with Mockups. For instance, check out what Angelina Tolentino, a Seattle-based artist, was able to do with her Mockups:

Mockups by Angelina Tolentino

Angelina Tolentino

Angelina used regular acrylics to create this underwater design. When she made mistakes early on, she was able to “scrape” off her paint first with her fingernail…then with the back side of a butter knife. The result is pretty awesome.

Spraypaint, as demonstrated by Jonathan Wakuda Fischer’s Koi design, is another awesome tool for creating totally unique Mockups. Here Jonathan used stencils to create a Koi pattern. Then after selecting a color palette, he repeated the stencil on both sides of his Mockups. Your sense of color and composition may not be the same as

Mockups by Jonathan Wakuda Fischer

Jonathan’s, but stencils and spray paint are one of the simplest ways to create a cool design.