Tips for Cutting Your Mockups

When we say that the only barrier to what you can create is your own imagination, we mean it. You can even slice your way to a totally new take on our beloved Mockups.

Be careful if you decide to cut your Mockups

Rule #1: Be careful and only use knifes under adult supervision.

With this in mind, cutting your Mockups is pretty simple. Use a blow dryer or other controlled heat source to warm up the vinyl material. It will be easy to cut once the surface is warm to the touch. In fact, it will be so easy to cut that you need to be extra careful (See Rule #1) because there might not be much resistance.

One practical reason for cutting your Mockups is to create a “smear free” handle. This is especially useful for people with big hands, as Mockups small size create some challenges. If you’re constantly fumbling around with your Mockups or you keep smearing your work, consider this: (Image Coming Soon)