Design Tips

When you buy a pair of Mockups, you get 1 pair of vinyl shoes and unlimited possibilities.   We know that too many choices can be overwhelming.  The overall goal of the website is to make sure you can look to other people’s work for inspiration when deciding what to do with your own Mockups.  The goal of these tips is to make sure you know how to get started making your vision a reality.

Mockups by Louie GongPainting Your Mockups

Most kinds of paints — including spray paint — work great on Mockups, but some kinds of paint and painting methods work better than others for specific purposes. Learn More


Use these supplies to remove art from your Mockups.Erasing Your Mockups

You can  easily erase pencil and colored pencil and start over as many times as you want. Many other art mediums can be removed too. Learn More


Collage Your Mockups

If you have paper and white glue, you can use collage to create awesome Mockups.  Learn more about this method, which is great for people who aren’t confident in their drawing or painting. Learn More


Be careful if you decide to cut your MockupsCutting Your Mockups

You can cut and slice your way to a totally new creation! This post shows you how to do it efficiently and safely. Learn More