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Step Back in Time
Grades 5-12.  3 hours +


Free Download from Mockups by Eighth Generation

Louie Gong designs shoes that say a lot about the identity of their owner. In this lesson, participants get to be the designer. The client- an important historical figure from an era relevant to their current studies.  Students will create a commemorative art piece honoring an historic figure by bringing their story to life via Mockups.


Students will study how historic figures have been portrayed in different art forms and how art plays a role in how people are remembered. After researching the life of an historic figure they admire, students will step into the role of artist and create a shoe design that represent the historic hero’s personality, accomplishments and experiences. Students will evaluate their own design solutions and choose their favorite to bring to life on a pair of Mockups shoes. They will share the reasoning behind their shoe design elements in an artist’s statement that they present to their class. View Standards