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Design Yourself: Who are You?
Grades 5-12.  3 hours +

Free Download from Mockups by Eighth GenerationDESCRIPTION

Let’s face it – in a world of rapidly growing complexity, we need more opportunities to strengthen our ability to talk about culture and identity.  In this lesson,  students will explore their personal story by using symbols to create a Mockups shoe design that answers the question, “Who Are You?”


Students will interview a partner and then, as a class, explore similarities and differences among the class. After exploring how symbols can be used in design to tell a story, students will work to create symbols that reflect things about themselves. Using their personal symbols, they will come up with ideas for a shoe design that conveys who they are. Students will evaluate their own design solutions and choose their favorite to transfer to a pair of Mockups shoes. They will share their design and reasoning behind their choice of symbols with the class. View Standards