Feather Woman

posted on November 27, 2012

What is your name and where are you from? 

My name is Cynthia Naha and I am from the Village of Tewa, which is located on First Mesa in Arizona. I am member of the Hopi Tribe; I am also Tewa and come from the Ihanktowan Dakota Oyate (Yankton Sioux Tribe)

Is there a title for your Mockups?

If there was, I’d say it’d be Feather Woman. It is a design that comes from my grandmother’s pottery, she was a well known Tewa-Hopi potter and her Hopi/Tewa name was Feather Woman.

How long did it take you to complete your Mockups?

It took me about 6 hours

What ideas, if any, was your trying to convey through your Mockups?

I was trying to think of a concept design that would look good on a pair of shoes. I knew I wanted to do something traditional from where I come from and I always love using my family’s pottery designs when I am drawing. Instead of keeping with the traditional black on white, I opted to add my favorite color…hot pink, mixed with the traditional use of black.

What medium(s) and techniques did you use on your Mockups?  Please let us know which mediums worked well and which didn’t work so well. 

For the mockups, I stuck primarily with sharpie markers. I used a fine point and ultra fine point for my mockups. I have yet to try a different medium. I thought the sharpies worked well, especially the ultra fine point for thinner lines, but kinda messed up on my lines and ended up drawing them thicker than I wanted to.

Anything else you’d like to say about working on Mockups?

I really liked working with the mockups. I think they are not only good practice for the actual design you want to put on your shoes, but they give you a chance to get a feel for how to work with your shoes. By that I mean, the best positions to hold the mockups for perfect angles for curves, lines, circles, and what not. The material is also easy to work with, meaning it absorbs the inks I used well, which didn’t leave me worried about smears and smudges.