Farmer’s Roots

posted on June 7, 2012

Lisa from Keenthings made Mockups into an ox & cart to represent her German pacifist, farmer’s roots. Who would’ve thought you could transform a shoe into a farm animal?

What ideas, if any, was your trying to convey through your Mockups?
My family on my dad’s side were German peasant farmers. They left their homeland at some point in the late 1700’s to farm in Russia and to avoid being drafted into military service. The immigrants were promised a tax free existence and that they would not be conscripted into the armed services if they would farm the fertile lands. My Great grandfather Jacob was born in Belarus and grew up there. The tax holiday ended in 1871 and Germans were made eligible for military service in 1874. Dodging the draft again, the family arrived in New York that same year. I am proud of my strong subsistence farming stock. I am built to walk long distances and carry heavy loads. I am happiest when I am playing in the dirt. Growing up our favorite toy was the digging hole we had in the back yard. Maybe that is why I chose mud as my medium.

I am a potter and ceramic sculptor. I turned My mock ups into an ox and cart with a little figure pushing so the cart won’t get stuck in soft ground. I use recycled items to create the wheels and traces for the wagon and wine corks for the legs of my beast of burden. I love to use found items in my pieces I feel it lends them a little sense of history, a bit of soul. The cart is full of tiny art supplies because art makes me who I am.

I loved doing this project. Thinking about my background and what makes me me was engaging and enlightening.